Search for Lost Meaning
Search for Lost Meaning
For several years of research we have not only discovered and understood a lot of things, but also accumulated a huge amount of interesting materials, which we now plan to gradually formalize and popularize. There is a lot of work to be done, and if you want to help, here is a list of possible topics.

▶ Writing popular articles based on video material.
Now there are several videos on the site. It is assumed that new ones will appear regularly, the prepared topics are already under a hundred, if not more. We need to translate the video into text, supply it with pictures, edit it according to the rules of writing. Putting links and the like.
▶ Writing annotations for videos.
It is often difficult to judge from the title whether it is worth watching the video or reading the transcript. A short description that doesn't give away all the intrigue, but still gives an idea of the overall content, would be helpful here.
▶ Video editing and computer graphics.
▶ Translation of articles into English. Creating English subtitles for videos. Creating English voice-overs.
There are very good machine translation tools now, they allow you to get a fast and high-quality pre-translation. But some moments, where the programs fail, require manual editing by someone who knows English.
Video dubbing either requires good English or the ability to involve native speakers.
▶ Transcribing and editing conversations.
There is a large volume of oral conversations, accumulated over several years, in which the progress of research and discoveries made were discussed. Something was not confirmed later, something remained at the level of speculation and is still waiting to be verified, but much was hit on the spot and was developed and confirmed. In the records themselves, a lot of unnecessary, irrelevant to the topic. I need help in deciphering what I need and possibly in editing.
▶ PR, promotion of materials.
Of course, we would like to tell everyone about our research. But we are well aware that so much of it sounds so incredible that a normal, intelligent person would never believe a brief retelling and think we are crazy. We have a great series of articles and videos ahead of us. And simply promoting them by throwing around links is more likely to generate rejection than interest.
We want to inform about our materials on yandex zen, d3, etc. resources, to post in publishers in communities. To attract the attention of the press to our clues. But we need an appropriately thought-out pitch that doesn't dazzle too much.
We need those who can seize the moment and build interaction with a wide audience.
▶ Organization of seminars.
We respect all scholars who have devoted their lives to the study of ancient texts. We understand that for them to accept our explanations means to cross out all their life achievements. We realize that it makes no sense to insist on it. We realize that we cannot convince them, even with hard facts. But we feel obliged to appeal to them anyway. They do not read the articles that contradict their views of the world, or watch the provocative videos. It makes sense, there is too much spam and speculation around historical science. And that makes it a lot harder.
But all the same, it would be nice to organize joint seminars.
▶ Searching for funding.
We have accumulated quite a few convincing results that we are not ashamed to show. In addition to the research itself, there are tools we have developed that allow us to read ancient texts. We can develop them, making them even more convenient and adding new languages and new texts to them.
In addition, the quality and speed of the creation of new videos depends heavily on the availability of funding.
Perhaps there are foundations or patrons who can support us. We need those who are able to prepare relevant appeals and who understand something about this.
▶ Coding.
We have tools for reading ancient Hebrew and reading Sumerian writing. These tools can be developed, ported online, and the possibility of collaboration can be created around them. In addition, new languages can be added to existing tools relatively easily.
For Sumerian there is the possibility of linguistic research.
▶ Community Coordination.
Right now our team is focused on research. Unfortunately, we do not have a clear understanding of how best to organize interaction with those who want to either participate in the research or help. If anyone has such experience or a desire to figure it out, it would help a lot.
▶ Literary research.
We have encountered many works, both classical and modern, which without a doubt relate to our theme. For each of them we can carry out a parsing and show the system of allegories used. We can, with experience, show the main allegories and the general theme. Those who are willing to reread the works and make an analysis of them are needed.
▶ Deciphering fairy tales. A Thousand and One Nights, Russian Fairy Tales, and so on.
The general system of allegories for all of them is already quite clear, but the sheer volume of material creates a large field for work. The tales of the Thousand and One Nights contain as much hidden treasure as Aladdin's cave. The rest of the tales are also interesting, each one a fascinating, witty puzzle.
▶ Writing research articles.
There are several videos, there is a large article, there is a written book, and there are numerous blanks for chapters of a new book. The materials relate to the deciphering of Sumerian texts, the deciphering of Greek myths, Old Testament and New Testament texts. There are decipherments of the hidden meanings of many famous literary works. There are clues to Shakespeare, Pushkin, Gogol and many others. All of this makes for a lot of pretty good scholarly articles. But it requires appropriate neat design and, preferably, some experience.
Contact address:  Dmitriy Shabanov.

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