Search for Lost Meaning
Search for Lost Meaning
If you read «buffalo» on the elephant's cage, don't believe your eyes.
Kozma Prutkov
If you read «buffalo» on the elephant's cage, don't believe your eyes.
Kozma Prutkov
Revealing the Good Samaritan
An account of the terrible mystery of the Samaritans and how it relates to the fall of the walls of Jericho.

Egyptian Executions. Unraveling
Ten plagues befell the Egyptians when they refused to let the Jews leave Egypt. This is not fiction, but it is not a real story either. The clue to the executions is in the allegories behind them...

Hell and Heaven. Unraveling
Behind all mystical things there is something that explains their existence. The Garden of Eden and Hell have such explanations as well.

Love, Death and Robots. Unraveling the mystery of the series.
The second season of Love, Death, and Robots is out. At first glance, it's eight unrelated stories with a simple plot and uncomplicated moral. But there are monsters living in the tall grass. And the series is actually not as simple as it seems. All of its episodes tell a single story. A story capable of terrifying you.

The main mystery of the Sumerian kings. Unraveling
One of the major mysteries of history is the mystery of the Sumerian list of kings. Why did Allagar rule for 36,000 years? Why did the flood happen after Ubar-Tutu's reign? What was the meaning of Shuruppak's strange teachings? Turns out there is a sensible explanation for all this.

The Unraveling of Judas' Betrayal. Christ's Main Secret

Solaris. Kill Hari

Gods vs Religion. Greek Myths

Christ on the Scientific Method
An account of Christ's Sermon on the Mount and what it has to do with modern science.